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July 31, 2013
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Jupiter You're On My Mind

Writer's note: The name of this story is based on the song "Jupiter" by "Your Favorite Martian" Check them out, they're really awesome (and on the way Check out Ray William Johnson's show "Equals Three" that show is FUNNY!

Long distance relationships are hard, but you know what's harder? Being in love with someone who's so far away and they don't even know how much you suffer, and you have to lie awake every night thinking if they feel the same way, are they as restless as you are? But then you remember… 'Oh… Different time zones…

Mark wondered a million time why something like that had happened to him, it wasn’t like his life was shitty enough already, but now he has to bare this crush he has over Yamimash, his British partner in gaming. It's funny, they never met face to face yet he managed to build feelings for this man. Why did he have to live so far away? It didn’t bother him a lot really, he was just glad he could see Aaron, even if it was just from behind a screen. One thing Mark was proud of though was how he kept his feeling under control whenever they started recording a new video for their channels. He knew it was only a matter of time before he does something stupid and ruins it, but hopefully by then he prayed that the feeling for his partner would go away.

But screwing up didn’t take long…

When he was joined by Yamimash again he lost focus on the game and focused on Aaron instead, but the English man was too consumed by fear and terror to notice, Mark had managed to snap back to reality by the time Aaron had calmed down. "Fuckin' jumpscares man"

"You should have seen your face!" Mark faked a laugh and Aaron joined, he wanted to be able to hold Yami whenever he got scared, or even just pat him on the back if Aaron wouldn’t allow him… He just wanted to be able to touch him. But Mark quickly pushed the thoughts aside and focused back on the game.

"Hey Mark? Did you see this new horror movie? I can't remember what's it called… But I heard it's really scary"

Mark shrugged. "I don’t know I don’t leave the house much… Unless it's for Comic Con"

"I wish I could see it with you, I'm sure it would be fun" Mark was shocked to hear that from Yami.

"You mean like… go to the movies or?" He had to make sure that his mind wasn’t just playing tricks on him. He kept the normal calm face but he was actually really excited.

"Yeah, be it here in Britain or me traveling to America" And that’s the words Mark always wanted to hear, that Aaron was willing to travel all the way to the US to meet him face to face.

"You have no idea how much I'd love that" He grinned losing himself for a second before he shook his head. "To get out of the house for a while that is, would be nice to see this movie you're talking about" He added quickly.

Aaron nodded then it was quiet for a while, both of them just giving the game all their attention till it was getting late and Yami had to leave, they saved their game and they said their goodbye, Aaron waving goodbye to the camera and again Mark hated the distance between the two.

"Mark?" Aaron called. "Um, before I leave, when are you going to be free again? I think we should finish this later because I'm going to be busy the next couple of days and I don’t think I'll be able to get on"

Mark pouted and it only made Aaron laugh. "Stop, you're not allowed to look this bloody adorable! I'm sorry I just have somethings I have to take care of"

"It's okay, just give me a ring when you're free and hopefully we can get together again"

Aaron nodded placing his hand on the 'Off' button on the webcam and he smiled one last time at his friend. "Bye Mark" with that the screen faded to black and Mark leaned back against his chair and smiled to himself before closing his own webcam. This sucks, he would miss Yami tell the British man returns.

The few next days passed by normal… and boring, Mark was stuck to his normal routine… that was until his phone rang. "Hey Mark you wouldn’t happen to be busy right now would you mate?"

Mark shrugged even though he knew Aaron couldn’t see it, he was just happy to hear that damned British accent again. "Nope, free and all yours"

"Okay good" Mark could barely hear his friend from over the line, something was making too much noise and it was starting to both annoy the Let's player and make his curious.

"Where are you? It's noisy as fuck!"

"I'm outside, it's very crowded sorry. Um, do you think you have enough time for like a game or something?"

Mark blinked in confusion; Yami was out how would they play? He shook it off and replied. "Yeah sure, I'm free till the end of the day"

"Great, I got a surprise for you" Mark couldn’t see it but he could hear the grin in Aaron's voice, the sound of the door bell caught Mark's attention so he stuck the phone between his ear and shoulder while opening the door. "Surprise?" Mark's eyes widened and he almost dropped the phone, in front of him stood the man he loves and his brain was having a hard time processing what was going on. Aaron hanged up his phone and waved his hand in front of Mark's face. "Mark?" He called. "I'm sorry, is this a bad time? I can come back later… or never."

"Is this real?" Mark asked and Aaron nodded, holding a bag he held close to his chest. Mark grinned and stepped aside. "I'm sorry get in before you melt outside" Yami smiled and stepped in Mark closed the door behind him. "Ugh, the house is a mess but eh, what are you doing here?"

Aaron dropped the bag at a sofa before looking back at Mark. "Remember that scary movie I told you about? You said it would be nice to get out and see it, so I bought the CD so we can watch it together. Also got a little projector and some snacks, it's not exactly HD Cinema material but close enough"

"You came all the way here… for that?

"Well let's get right to it" He wrapped an arm around Aaron and it made him smile, it felt so good to finally be able to feel the man, Aaron chuckled.

"Alright I got some pop corn, Nachos, you need to heat the cheese though, and some candy" Mark wished he could kiss the shorter male, he felt so happy but he had to force his calm cool side to take over. "Oh and also," Aaron dug in the bag before pulling out a box of Cheez-it. "I know these are your favorite"

'Got to keep calm!' Mark's brain yelled at him and it was the only voice keeping him from jumping on his British friend and kissing him all over.

"CHEEZ-IT!!!" He snatched the box from Aaron's hand and hugged it. "I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW!!"

Aaron scratched his slightly reddened cheeks. "Well I'll put the movie in" He grabbed the CD

"And I'll heat the cheese" Mark's smile could not get any bigger when he spotted the blush on Aaron's face, this was his sweet victory.

They got ready and started the movie, both of them sitting on the ground with their backs resting on the couch as they exchanged snacks and fought over Mark not wanting to share his Cheez-it. Half of the time the two (Mostly Mark) didn’t focus on the movie, whenever a jumpscare happens Aaron would cling to Mark and whimper, hiding his face in Mark's chest and shivered and it was making Mark lose focus on the movie, he instead focused on calming Yamimash down by stroking his back and holding him close. "Jesus Christ you big wimpy baby!" He joked but Aaron didn’t pay attention to the mocking insult. "I'll stop the movie if you're too scared"

"N-No, I'm fine"

Mark tried blocking the two sides that were fighting in his head, one trying to tell him things he already knew like how adorable Yami was when he was scared, and the other side shutting his soft gay side.

Yami had managed to fall asleep just as the movie ended, while he did cross a long distance, Mark couldn’t move in fear of waking the other man up so he just shifted into a slightly more comfortable position and kissed Aaron's forehead his lips curving into a smile when he saw the happiness in Aaron's calm cheerful face.

'I'll do it! Before he leaves… I'm going to tell him…' Mark thought to himself before he fell asleep with Aaron sleeping against him, his hand on Mark's chest and his head on the other man's shoulder. This was going to be a fun thing to explain when both men wake up tomorrow.

Another one shot for my Markimash oneshot series :D
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And I thought I was the only one who yelled for Cheez- It.
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Thank you, well it's part of a series of other one shots ^^"
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